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The Melting Point Class Policies

It takes a lot of behind the scenes work to bring these instructors in. By the time students see sign-ups, the instructor has reserved the time in their schedule, planned for anything they need to back home and at least 60 days prior, The Melting Point has invested money and bought a plane ticket. On the studio side, we have blocked out the days/closed our studio to the public for this instructor, spent time and money communicating, coordinating and advertising. We have bought all necessary equipment and glass and done everything we can to make it an enjoyable experience. When you reserve a spot, it means it is securely saved for you and is no longer for sale to anyone else. The place at the torch is yours, and you can rest easy knowing you will have the benefit of the wonderful instructor’s expertise.

For international artists, we have paid attorneys thousands of dollars to attain the proper visa for our visitor as well as spent a multitude of hours gathering information and supplying both personal and public records for US Immigration to review for approval. We have gone through a tenuous process to be approved for the visa which takes many months and perseverance on both the instructor and studio’s behalf. This is not a process to be taken lightly.
Because of this, we require a $150 non-refundable deposit for domestic instructors and $300 non-refundable deposit for international classes to secure your place within a class. The remainder is due the first day of class. (Students may make additional payments if they choose to) If you cancel before 90 days, and we can resell your spot, we will refund that amount less a $50 change fee. Other than under those circumstances, there are no refunds or credits given. Please do not sign up if you think there is a chance you may cancel.

Deposits may be applied to other classes at The Melting Point, but a $20 administrative fee will apply to transfer the deposit over to the new class to cover the accounting expenses incurred.

If we cancel a class for any reason, a full refund will be made to all students who have signed up for the amount paid. We will inform students as soon as we know there is a class cancellation.

If an instructor cancels on us, we will inform you immediately and refund the class fees that have been paid.
We are not responsible for any other costs incurred by students other than the amount paid towards the class. This includes but is not limited to; airfare fees, lodging, days lost from employment, shuttle cost or any other charges.

On days that glass does not have time to be properly annealed, we provide annealing bubbles so that you can leave with your artwork without having to pay and wait for it to be shipped.

Although age is not a determination of whether a student is capable of being in the torch studio, The Melting Point minimum age for a class is 13 unless we have experience with a younger student and feel they are capable. Parents must sign a liability waiver for children under 18. A younger child may take a class if the parent or guardian is present for the entire class.

As students are working at a torch, please do not wear clothing that has long loose sleeves that could get to the flame. Also, if you have long hair and are not used to working at the flame, we request you pull it back for safety reasons.
The Melting Point reserves the right to remove students from class for any reason. This includes being rude to other students, talking or disturbing the class during the instructor’s demonstrations, dominating the instructor’s time, causing a safety issue or doing anything the staff of The Melting Point or current instructor deems is interfering with the positive experience of others in the class. In the case of this happening, no refund will be given, and the student will be escorted out of class immediately. This policy is in place to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. Please take this policy serious as we are not afraid to enforce it.

The Melting Point is a non-smoking facility and does not have anywhere on the grounds where people can legally smoke outside of the 25-foot radius from public entrances required by law. Please be prepared to take smoke breaks before and after classes off the property.

Class will begin promptly at 10 am. If a student is late, the instructor is not required to go back and get that student caught up. Please be on time.
There is absolutely NO flim during classes. Photo's are okay. 
We do not disclose names of students attending class for privacy reasons.  If you would like us to make a post to the group asking others to contact you for such things as sharing hotels, shuttles, etc., please let us know.
We appreciate everyone following our class policies so all can have a positive experience. Thank you!!