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The Melting Point Mission

To provide a positive place where glass artists can meet each other, create, be inspired and learn.

To pay artists fair wages with benefits and all the securities that other professions receive.

To create "the dream job" for employees.

To keep class prices to a minimum so anyone who wishes to learn, can.

To carry a variety of uplifting, fun, creative and whimsical glass items in the gallery. 

To provide a professional gallery where glass artists can sell their work and receive a fair cut from the sale.

To bring in the most inspiring, positive, professional instructors possible.

To bring in international instructors legally, with the proper visas so they can share their own cultures and styles. 

To enable teens to learn glass arts without bankrupting their parents.

To be charitable whenever possible.

To expose people who would otherwise not know about the glass arts to the glass arts.

To provide a showcase for professional glass artists to share their amazing talent with the public.

To showcase emerging artists with great potential.