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  • Astrid Riedel, Hollows, Enamels, Implosions, & Mokume Gane, March 14-18, 2019


    Marble Bead Making 

    • -Preparing a small glass plate as a base for the decoration, (done on a punty)
    •  -Making Wig/Wag cane -Making layered cane
    •  -Making designs with enamels and spiral imprint 
    •  -Making spiky implosion in marble bead 
    • -Shaping marbles and inserting a small screw into bead when hot. A bail with a threaded pin will be wound into it. This makes it an interchangeable bead. 
    • -NOTE Special tool is required for this technique.

    Off Mandrel Hollows

    • Level Intermediate/ advanced Description: Day 1 
    • Theory on blowing glass beads off mandrel 
    • Creating round, lentil and tapered tube shaped hollow beads off mandrel without decorations!
    •  Day 2 
    • Theory on expansion, example: softness/stiffness of different colors of glass 
    •  Theory on applying different decorations on a hollow bead 
    • Creating hollow lentil shaped beads with decorations such as shards, enamels and fine stringers 
    •  Creating twisty’s and applying them to a hollow tube bead  

    Enamel Painting in the Flame  

    •  Theory of when and where to heat the glass when using stringers. 
    • Pulling hair fine stringers 
    • Learning to draw straight lines and curved lines with stringers

    Mokume Gane/ Battuto beads 2 day class 

    Day 1 
    • Preparing multi layered cane
    • Creating lentil beads
    • Layering beads with enamels and shards

    Day 2
    • Cold working the beads
    • Polishing the beads in the flame of the torch
    • Final decorations such as fine stringer murrini etc

    This class does include lunches and glass packs! 
    We will also be doing a Hotshop dinner the first night of class and then a graduation ceremony the second
    to last day of class!