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  • Corina Tettinger ,Inside-Out Ocean Beads , November 1-5, 2018


    Very Popular:  Inside-Out Ocean Beads 

    This is one of my favorite classes, because it gives students the skills to move beyond what is taught in the class, and be able to create in glass what they see in nature. The ocean was class presents an alternative "view" of the classic aquarium bead: we will start with making a variety of components, like sea-weed, coral, shells, sponges and other sea-life (general skills: making encased stringer, fancy twisties, complex striped cane and simple murrini). We will create 2 different kinds of beads, the surface decorated bead and on day 2 the 3-D encased ocean-bead, meaning the elements are encased without flattening them, which creates incredible depth - AND enhances your encasing skill in general...students are encouraged to bring "items" and images to create their personal beads.... 

    Glass Packs are included in class fee. As well as a Hot Shop dinner the first night. Class price also includes lunches and a dinner at our local dinner theater! Dinner will be the second to last day of classes.  

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