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  • Jari Sheese, Silver Glass Revealed, Blown Hollows and Much More, August 30- September 3, 2018


    Silver Glass Revealed, Blown Hollows and Much More 

    The elusive, ever-changing magic of silver glass will be revealed in this 5-day class. This will be a study in how to find the hidden secrets using this luxurious material with less worry about the high cost. Learn how to trap the glow, discover how to enhance the shimmer, to combine glass for reactions, to get matte metallic, shiny metallic, satin metallic, opal-like, ruby, sapphires, emeralds, topaz gems, gold, silver, bronze, oil slicks, ghost-like twisties…the possibilities are endless. 

    Silver glass will be combined with blown hollow beads. Students will learn how to blow even-walled, lightweight yet sturdy hollow beads. 

    We will also delve into the world of off-mandrel buttons, cabochons, glass bead caps, pendants, ring tops, fancy spacers, barrel clasps, teardrops, links and complex twisties, all in silver glass. In short, silver glass secrets will be revealed using interesting and unlikely combinations to create different kinds of sparkle. 

    This class will have a hotshop dinner the first night and a celebration dinner the second to last night

    This class does include lunches and glass pack 

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