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  • Lisa Fletcher, Color Magic, May 2-6, 2019


    Color Magic 
    When you melt glass over glass, the sum of the colors can be unexpected and unique. All of the beads taught in this class will be made using layering techniques to achieve gorgeous color. Lots of Double Helix glass be combined with other glasses to create impressive effects. 
    Of course, great color needs a great base to show it off!  The beads in this class are not difficult to make but look difficult. Step by step, they are constructed slowly and carefully. It takes time and patience to make a great bead! 
    All of the class beads are encased in clear glass. Various encasing methods will be covered, and students will marvel at the depth and sparkle they will achieve. 
    The large pressed petal bead is a combination of many of the above techniques and will be your masterpiece from the class! We will make several variations of the large petal bead, from small round ones to big pressed ones. 
    In addition to the focal beads, by the end of this class, each student will have compiled a “recipe book” along with a beautiful strand of smaller beads made from their favorite color combo recipes to take home and easily remake. 
    Best of all, there will be a detailed handout for every bead we make! No more worrying during demonstrations about keeping up taking notes and drawing pictures that you can’t figure out once you get home.  
    Class Policies 
    This class does include lunches and glass packs! 
    We will also be doing a Hotshop dinner the first night of class and then a graduation ceremony the second
     to last day of class!