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3 Hour Beginning Glass Snap Class

Please specify the day and month requested. Saturdays and Sundays only. A 20% convenience fee will be applied on any class requests for Thursday, Friday or Monday. No classes on Tuesday or Wednesday
Please leave a number you can be reached at in case of scheduling issues. We will do our best to accommodate your chosen date.

NO CLASSES June 15-18, September 14-30, October 19-30, November 30- December 4, February 8-18 2018, April 26-29 2018 or May 3-7 2018!!! This is a 3 hour class taught in our state of the art torch studio. Students will learn on a propane/oxygen Nortel Minor Burner torch, the basic skills of lampworking to melt colorful glass rods onto a cabochon mandrel. Students will also learn proper safety practices and how the studio is set up. We will cover how to shape the molten glass into proper cabochon shapes and the process of stamping designs into the cab with tools, as well as the process of making stringers and twisties to embellish the cabs with a variety of decorative techniques. These skills will include dots, raking, twists and more.

All materials are supplied, including metal snaps and small tube of strong glue to adhere your cabochons onto the snaps. As a bonus, students will receive 10% off any snap jewelry items on the day of the class.

No experience necessary.

All 3 hour Beginning Glass Snap classes are offered on weekends from 10am to 1pm. A 20% up charge will be assessed for a weekday class.


We are now offering 30% off to anyone under the age of 18! To encourage young kids to take up the art of hot glass.

Class Policies